Abandoned Eastern Kansas: Skeletons of the Sunflower State

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Beyond the wheat fields and off the beaten path, these abandoned and forgotten places lay in wait to tell their stories of a more productive and useful time. From small towns to ghost towns and all the places in between, the vastness of Eastern Kansas can be seen as a curse that will slowly drain a place dry or an untapped resource. Even though these locations are far from the ever-growing city's reach, they face the same fate when expansion is needed for improvements, or there isn't enough demand to continue daily operations. However these stories play out, all that is left is a reminder of what used to be: abandoned relics of lives, dreams, and businesses scattered across the open heartland of Eastern Kansas.

Contributor(s): Daniel, Regina (Author)
ISBN: 1634993667 EAN: 9781634993661
Publisher: America Through Time
Pages: 96
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: November 22, 2021

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