Crossing the Canal: An Illustrated History of Duluth's Aerial Bridge

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The aerial bridge over the Duluth Ship Canal has been called "Duluth's Eiffel Tower" and the "gateway to the world," but no matter what lofty labels poets and politicians apply to it, Duluth built its famous bridge for one simple purpose: Crossing the Canal. In 1871 the citizens of Duluth finished cutting a canal through Minnesota Point, turning the isthmus into an island and splitting the fledgling city in two. It would take almost 35 years before a safe, permanent, and truly unique bridge was built to cross the canal and reunite Duluth with the community of Park Point, making the city whole again. Crossing the Canal tells the complete story of the bridge, from cutting the canal through the bridge's 100th anniversary, separating facts from myths while creating a vivid picture of the life of Duluth's iconic landmark. A finalist for the Minnesota Book Award.

Contributor(s): Dierckins, Tony (Author)
ISBN: 1887317333 EAN: 9781887317337
Publisher: X-Communication
Pages: 202
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: October 01, 2008

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