East Village, Des Moines: A Brief History

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East Village was not always the fashionable destination it is today. When the first settlers arrived in 1843 on the muddy banks of the Des Moines River, it was in direct violation of a treaty with the local natives. The settlement grew so quickly that by 1855, the fledgling city had been selected to be the state capital, and the building was constructed in East Village. The next century saw rivalries with the western half of the city, the birth and battle of one of the city s largest red-light districts and the construction of some of Des Moines most prized historic treasures. Historian Hope Mitchell investigates the people and events that shaped the culture and landscape of Des Moines most dynamic neighborhood."

Contributor(s): Mitchell, Hope (Author)
ISBN: 1540201929 EAN: 9781540201928
Publisher: History Press
Pages: 130
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: December 05, 2016

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