Historic Photos of Minnesota

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Minnesota’s past is defined by its remarkable natural resources, and shaped by its native peoples and early settlers. From the fur trade and the establishment of Fort Snelling, to harnessing the power of the Mississippi River as a means to fuel emergent logging and milling industries, Minnesota’s history is that of a land like no other. Pioneering Minnesotans embraced everything that the sprawling prairies, rich farmlands, and more than 10,000 lakes offered. Boomtowns and small towns sprang up and were connected to the thriving metropolises of Minneapolis and St. Paul through a great labyrinth of railways. From the time photographers first started pointing their cameras in the direction of Minnesota’s land and people, crystallized moments from the state’s history were captured, and stories preserved. The archival images collected in Historic Photos of Minnesota offer unique insights into the state’s not-so-distant past. Spanning more than 100 years, this book documents everyday lives and significant events in Minnesota’s extraordinary history.

Contributor(s): Marks, Susan (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
ISBN: 1684420792 EAN: 9781684420797
Publisher: Turner
Pages: 202
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: June 01, 2009

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