It Happened in South Dakota: Remarkable Events That Shaped History (Volume 2)

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Although even today there are plenty of stretches of open, uninhabited space throughout South Dakota, literally just below the surface lies evidence that civilizations have made this land home for countless centuries. Many followed the buffalo, while others came searching for gold or to farm or, more recently, to marvel at natural and man-made wonders this beautiful state contains. A fascinating collection of thirty-two compelling stories about events that shaped the Mount Rushmore State, It Happened in South Dakota describes everything from Lewis and Clark raising an American flag on the Missouri to the continuing creation of a monument to Crazy Horse.

Contributor(s): Griffith, Tom D (Other) , Straub, Patrick (Author)
ISBN: 1493023578 EAN: 9781493023578
Publisher: Two Dot Books
Pages: 182
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: December 01, 2016

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