Kings of the North: Photographs and History of the Minnesota Vikings - Hardcover

Kings of the North: Photographs and History of the Minnesota Vikings - Hardcover

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Get the beautiful book that presents the history of the Minnesota Vikings football team, with full-color photography and fascinating text.

The Minnesota Vikings are a proud and storied franchise. Some of the NFL’s all-time best players―and all-time great teams―have donned the purple and gold. Each season is precious to the fans, whether we won three games or thirteen, because it reminds us of special memories: trips to the stadium with parents and children, watching on TV with neighbors and friends, shared camaraderie with strangers, and more.

Author, historian, and lifelong Vikings fan Chad Israelson presents the perfect gift for Minnesota sports fans. Kings of the North collects the team’s rich history and pairs it with professional, full-color photography to create a stunning book for any coffee table or bookshelf. It presents a season-by-season summary, which includes the team’s schedule, starting lineup, and statistical leaders. Chad also takes a closer look at a few of the best players and greatest wins. The book is rounded out with Chad’s picks for every all-decade team. It truly has it all for anyone who loves Minnesota’s favorite team!

Book Features
  • Fascinating summary of every Minnesota football season
  • Schedules, starting lineups, and statistical leaders
  • The author’s picks for every all-decade team
  • Full-color photography from throughout the Vikings’ history

Contributor(s): Israelson, Chad (Author)
ISBN: 1940647592 EAN: 9781940647593
Publisher: Lake 7 Creative
Pages: 176
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: September 28, 2021

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