Mesabi Pioneers

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Here is the highly readable account of one of the remarkable achievements of the 19th century: how a remote tree-covered area of northern Minnesota became America's greatest source of iron ore. It is 1891. An improbable team of American businessmen and European immigrants hunt for iron ore in a formidable expanse of dense pine forest. Fighting isolation, harsh winters, and mosquito-infested summers, they find it. What follows is an extraordinary tale of both personal and technological achievement. Mesabi Pioneer​s brings the pursuit of iron ore to vivid life, illuminating the men and women mostly forgotten by history, who built an industry, carved towns from trees, and created a rich culture that lasts to this day.

Contributor(s): Hill, Russell (Author), Smith, Jeffrey (Author)
ISBN: 0990659100 EAN: 9780990659105
Publisher: Lempi Publishing
Pages: 252
Pub Date: October 06, 2014
Copyright Date: 2014

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