Milwaukee Garage Bands: Generations of Grassroots Rock

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Milwaukee hasn't earned a reputation as a launching pad for hopeful rock stars, but for generations it has had the perfect acoustics for the garage band rock scene. Of course, the whole point of garage rock is that every place has the perfect acoustics, but just try telling that to the folks who heard Blitzkrieg Over Kenosha" for the first time. With dual citizenship in the research library and the basement show, Peter Roller follows Milwaukee's garage rockers everywhere they haul their amps, observing bands like the Stilettos, the Angry Daisies, the Palmettos, the Chevelles and the Violent Femmes in their natural habitat."

Contributor(s): Roller, Peter (Author)
ISBN: 1609496256 EAN: 9781609496258
Publisher: History Press
Pages: 208
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: February 12, 2013

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