Minneapolis: An Urban Biography

Minneapolis: An Urban Biography

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Minneapolis is Minneapolis is because of the water—because of the Mississippi River, and St. Anthony Falls, and the beautiful lakes that dot the city's neighborhoods. Energized by the power of a magnificent waterfall that was harnessed with stolen technology, it became a major, even global, city.

In this succinct and thought-provoking book, Tom Weber provides an urban biography of the City of Lakes. The confluence of the Mississippi and the Minnesota River is a sacred place for Dakota people, who have lived here for millennia. Since the city’s beginnings in the 1850s, Minneapolis has experienced continual collapses and rebuilding. Some collapses were real, as when the Falls were nearly destroyed; some are metaphorical, as when corruption and the mob threatened to overtake the life of the city. Weber also explores the effects of the rebuilding and who was in charge: who was left in, and who was left out.

Cities, like people, are always changing, and the history of that change is the city's biography. This book illuminates the unique character of Minneapolis, weaving in the hidden stories of place, politics, and identity that continue to shape its residents’ lives.

Contributor(s): Weber, Tom (Author)
ISBN: 1681341611 EAN: 9781681341613
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: June 02, 2020

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