Minnesota State Parks: A Camper's Guide

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This book should become the "Camper's Guide" for anyone interested in staying at any of the state parks and waysides in Minnesota. It is filled with details of each of the parks and waysides; what facilities are available from one park to the next, descriptions of the campgrounds and the campsites, and what points of interest may be nearby. Along with all of the information, there are maps of the campgrounds and a map of each of the parks included. But, that is only one part of the book. Another part of the book describes the adventure that was had by the author and his wife as they traveled the highways and back roads of Minnesota getting from one park to the next. There is detailed information concerning the history of many of the parks because the diversity of the state parks is just a mirror of nature's diversity here in the great state of Minnesota.

Contributor(s): Keigan, Michael (Author)
ISBN: 1456750593 EAN: 9781456750596
Publisher: Authorhouse
Pages: 448
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 30, 2011

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