Minnesota's Lost Towns Northern Edition

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Most Minnesotans have a lost town. Everywhere Rhonda traveled throughout the state, people shared their stories and their towns with her. Each new discovery led to more tales of northern Minnesota’s lost towns. Join us as we journey to northern Minnesota’s past once again. Covering all new towns and communities, nearly 130 of them, the book is filled with photos and tales that once again prove history is in our own backyards. Historians, tourists, genealogists and anyone who loves a good story is sure to enjoy this second round of Northern Minnesota lost towns.

“Walking among nineteenth and twentieth century remnants of lost towns with Rhonda is as close to stepping back through time as one can achieve. Her well-researched and vast, yet humble and human knowledge of Minnesota's lost towns creates a connection that compelled me to ask question after question. Her prowess as an educator was evident as she revealed the importance of learning and understanding not only what Minnesota's lost towns looked like, but what life held for those who came before us. Her insight into Minnesota's past provides us with clues of how to sustain our future."
—Scott C. Knudson, documentary film-maker

“You don’t have to be a resident of a particular area in Minnesota or, for that matter, a lover of ghost towns to enjoy Rhonda Fochs’s series on Minnesota’s lost towns. A meticulous researcher and fact gatherer, Fochs is also a grand storyteller, portraying with humor and grace the almost forgotten towns that once dotted our rural and urban landscapes. Of especial interest to me, as a history buff, is the method Fochs used to determine into which category these towns fall. Amply illustrated with historic photos and maps, Minnesota’s Lost Towns belongs in every state and county library, historical society, and household that stakes a claim on the area where it is located."
—Beryl Singleton Bissell, author of The Scent of God and A View of the Lake

“Rhonda knows how to breathe life into these historic towns which would otherwise become buried in the past. She and I both share a love for history and poking through remnants of by-gone eras. Her careful, detailed descriptions awaken my desire to jump in the car and check out each area for myself. Both history buffs and tourists who appreciate quiet country roads will enjoy this book."
—Heather Monthei, journalist, Boundary Waters Journal

About the Author: After several years of working in the public and private sector, doing everything from assembling Tonka Toy trucks (when they were made in America), working in a LP record distribution warehouse, serving in a variety of public governmental roles, managing a construction office, to becoming a social studies teacher at the age of forty-two, Rhonda is recently retired. Her passion for history, especially local and regional history, has resulted in the Minnesota’s Lost Towns series, which chronicles Minnesota used-to-be towns and communities. As she and her family (including the dog) travel the state, north, east, south and west, she is now working on the fourth book in the Lost Towns series, this one focusing on Southern Minnesota. She is also presently working on a book detailing other regional points of interest.

Contributor(s): Fochs, Rhonda (Author)
ISBN: 0878397639 EAN: 9780878397631
Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud
Pages: 222
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: May 01, 2014

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