'The Choices of Adam Bailey': Book III: A Minnesota Lake Series Novel

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In 1931, five people met by happenstance one weekend at Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota and collaborated on secretly bringing down a clandestine mob enterprise at a nearby remote lake resort. While they wisely stayed quiet about their success, in the months and years that followed they were often called upon to save each other from rumors and inquiries about their possible involvement.

One of them, Adam Bailey, about to enter college at the time of the mob bust, had faced little anxiety or threats until after graduation when his good fortune sours. He crosses paths with one of the gangsters from that resort raid. That encounter leads Bailey to take a job requiring international travel in Europe. Through 1937 he a build a profitable clientele base and is contacted by the U.S. Defense Department to help them out as well....as a spy. His two jobs meld effectively until he is framed and finds himself in an Italian jail in 1940. In a hopeless situation he escapes. Life and death choices are nonstop as he seeks his freedom.

In this third addition of the Minnesota lake Series, the original story is once again enlarged showing how Bailey and his other four collaborators are still impacted by their action against the mob back in 1931...and once again the support and loyalty to each other is seriously tested.

Contributor(s): Larson, J L (Author)
ISBN: 1956803947 EAN: 9781956803945
Publisher: Goldtouch Press, LLC
Pages: 422
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: January 25, 2022

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