The Disappearance of Henry Hanson: Book II of the Minnesota Lake Series Novels

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In 1931, five individuals met by chance at a Lake Minnewaska community called Glenwood in Minnesota. They collaborated secretly to bring down a well-known mobster at a secluded resort near the town. Their efforts were kept secret to protect them from mob retribution.

In this second novel of the Minnesota Lake Series, it is uncovered that a sixth person living in the town had stealthily contributed to their success. Henry Hanson, a key community leader was forced to flee to safeguard his own life. He assumed a new identity and chose Charleston, South Carolina as the place he desired to live. Over time 'Henry Granville' would build a huge hotel business. Years later and nearing retirement, he becomes concerned his shadowy past could be discovered and bring disrepute to his enterprise. Secondly, he must choose his successor who would protect his reputation and thereby, the image of his corporation. To thwart any misguided rumors or untruths, he brings in someone he trusts...a young, inexperienced journalist... to confidentially tell his story. That young man happens to be the son of James and Lindy Lawton. The twenty-six-year-old uninspired journalist in Minneapolis had no idea why he was chosen to take on an assignment in Charleston, South Carolina.

Contributor(s): Larson, J L (Author)
ISBN: 1956803998 EAN: 9781956803990
Publisher: Goldtouch Press, LLC
Pages: 416
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: January 26, 2022

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