The Nothing That Is Not There

The Nothing That Is Not There

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At Thief Lake, Minnesota the past is not easily shaken off and is never forgotten. Events of fifteen, thirty, and more years have a way the cropping up when least expected, seldom pleasing and often causing mayhem. Even the long-dead and the supposed-to-be-dead have a way of coming to life bringing messages from one generation to another.

Postmaster Tatty Langille and wife Morgan restart life and marriage in the north, raising grandchildren of a deceased daughter. Never mind that Tatty knew nothing about Morgan's daughter, had only a partial idea of who Morgan herself had been and is, and understood little about raising kids, the newly appointed postmaster is all in on the job, recommitted to his wife of fifteen years, and studies hard the art of childrearing.

Besides innate difficulties of family life, the dalliance of a hot-footed evangelist, the reappearance of the fabled Bearman of Thief Lake, and economic and social struggles among local Natives, the US government, and a feeling-pinched white population complicate the paths the twins, Shookii and Popcorn pursue as Native girls in a less than spiritual but natural setting of Northern Minnesota.

Finns Way Books is pleased to add Observation Hill, a novel of class and murder to the list of Tim's books now available. "The quiet moments and common people" he mentions (below) take active form in this new mystery breathing truth into his dictum: "You are the most exciting person in your world." That is so for each of his new characters, some much more than others!

Listener in the Snow has brought several awards: New Generation Indie Award - Winner in fiction and finalist in overall design; Independent Publisher Awards - Silver Medalist for Best Fiction - Mid-West Region. With these come a new humility and a great deal of thanks to my readers.

What interests me as a writer are the interior, quiet moments of the common people, which includes most readers. I'll try to leave stunts, huge explosions, and invasions from outer space (all of which I enjoy on the big screen) to others. Since thought and feeling make our everyday lives as wonderful as they are, those are what I want to explore. I hope you enjoy reading about people like yourself. You are the most exciting person in your world, after all.

About the Author:

Here is the official biography:

Tim Jollymore grew up next to the swamps, forests, and Indian reservations of northern Minnesota, the setting of his first novel. He spent his working life as a tree planter, pulp peeler, local historian, traveling salesman, and corporate manager. After migrating to California, he pursued residential design, contracting, and the teaching of English. Jollymore earned his master's degree in literature at the University of Minnesota. He has also studied architecture and education.

Since leaving teaching in 2011, he has devoted his time to fiction and drama, writing a five-act play, completing two novels and numerous short stories. He posts to his review blog frequently and has written a travel blog. His first novel, Listener in the Snow, appeared in June of 2014.

During summer, he camps across the western states to visit extended family in northern Minnesota. Otherwise, he writes overlooking Lake Merritt in Oakland, California and shares free time with his sleepyhead, artist companion, Carol. He lives in northern California nearby his three grown children, one of whom writes. When he can, Jollymore yells and screams along with his Viking grandson.

Jollymore's fiction explores struggles of identity in American society from the viewpoint of the under and working classes. Though these contests--sometimes mysterious and often fierce-- play out in spare, natural settings and every day, domestic life, they are marked by unusual, compelling events.


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