The Raid at Lake Minnewaska: Book I: A Minnesota Lake Series Novel

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On a hot June weekend in 1931, five people met coincidentally at a lake town in Minnesota. Two were law school buddies out for a weekend of golf and fun, two were a local farmer and his son, and the fifth was an inexperienced investigator assigned to explore a rumor about an alleged gambling operation at a lake resort near the beautiful Lake Minnewaska. Each of the individuals would come to realize the rumor was true...a mob run gaming business was very much active.

As further happenstances brought them together, they saw a way of clandestinely bringing down the operation without being suspected...if they acted fast. Normally, taking on the mob would never be wise, but this opportunity was unique to raid the resort causing an impressive number of arrests of some top underworld figures. The challenge for them that weekend was to carry out their plan in secret and if successful to always maintain the confidentiality of their actions.

Contributor(s): Larson, J L (Author)
ISBN: 1957575085 EAN: 9781957575087
Publisher: Goldtouch Press, LLC
Pages: 402
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: January 31, 2022

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