Toro Ad, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1941 Print

Toro Ad, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1941 Print

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The caption on the postcard reads Minneapolis - Home of Beautiful Homes, Lakes, Parks, Golf Courses, and Toro Mowers. Originally published in 1942.

Toro was established as the "Toro Motor Company" in 1914 to build tractor engines for The Bull Tractor Company. In 1948, Toro entered the push mower market, acquiring Whirlwind Corp. They sold push mowers under this name for several years. In 1952, the Whirlwind's factory in Windom, Minnesota was closed.

In 1986 Toro acquired the Wheel Horse Products Division of American Motors Corporation (AMC). Wheel Horse manufactured lawn and garden tractors as well as riding lawn mowers. The division was spun off from AMC for $8 million so that the automaker could maintain focus on vehicles.

Lawn and garden tractors were then marketed under the Toro, Wheel Horse, and Toro Wheel Horse names. Acquisitions continued with the purchase of Lawn-Boy in 1989 from Outboard Marine Corporation.
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